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1. I have an air conditioner. Should I turn it off if spraying is scheduled in my area?
2. Is it safe for my child to play on a playing field in an area that has been sprayed?
3. Is it safe to use outdoor furniture or a swing set if Scourge has been sprayed in the area?
4. Is Scourge dangerous for the fish in my ornamental fish pond?
5. Is the spraying to kill adult mosquitoes being done aerially or from the ground?
6. Will mosquitoes breed in my swimming pool?
7. Will produce from my garden be safe to eat after my area of town is treated with Scourge?
8. Will the spray cause my pool to be unsafe for swimming? Should I cover the pool?
9. Will the spray from a truck reach my backyard?
10. Would it be safe to walk my dog the morning after spraying has been done in our area?