Law & Public Safety Institute


Name Title Email Phone
Devine, Lt. Michael Officer in Charge 201-785-5720
Rivera Jr., Ralph Director of Public Safety 201-785-6005
Peacock, Robert Executive Assistant to Director of Public Safety 201-785-5703
Powell, Evelyn Executive Assistant to Director 201-785-5704
Silverstein, Sgt. Chuck Training Advisor 201-785-5721
St. Thomas, Lynn In-Service Police Secretary 201-785-5726
Stern, Yitz Fiscal Analyst 201-785-5705
Trignano, PO Jason Training Advisor 201-785-5722
Williams, PO Scott Range Master 201-785-5723
Rauch, Larry Chief Fire Instructor 201-785-5710
Gerber, Alfred Senior Fire Instructor 201-785-5711
Talarico, Steve Senior Instructor 201-785-5712
Quinones, Kimberly Fire Secretary 201-785-5713