Open Space Land Acquisition

The Division is guided by the Bergen County Open Space and Recreation Plan, which describes Bergen County’s open space and recreation needs. As an element of the Bergen County Master Plan, adopted by the Bergen County Planning Board in 2004. The emphasis of the plan is to: 
  • Provide facilities regional in nature and capable of serving residents of the entire county
  •  Protect and preserve natural and scenic values in the county
  •  Present current information on the supply, demand, and need for recreation and open space in Bergen County
  •  Implement open space and recreation planning policies and projects that are consistent with New Jersey’s Development and Redevelopment Plan
  • Encourage coordinated open space and recreation planning, acquisition, and development initiatives of state and local governments and conservation organizations
  • Effectively use funds from the Bergen County Open Space, Recreation, Farmland and Historic Preservation Trust Fund (the “Trust Fund”), New Jersey Green Acres funding, and other sources of funding that may become available
View or download the Bergen County Open Space and Recreation Plan.