About Us

About the Bergen County Environmental Council

The Council is composed of volunteers, appointed by the Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders for a two-year term. The Council reports to Bergen County Executive. John DeRienzo, formerly Mayor of Haworth, serves as chairman.

Current Members

  • Geraldine Byrne - Bergen County Soil Conservation District
  • G. Harry Byrne - Bergen County Audubon Society
  • Angelo Caruso - Bergen County Soil Conservation District
  • Ray Cywinski - United Water NJ
  • Joel Flagler - Rutgers Agricultural Extension Service
  • Minna Greenberg - League of Women Voters
  • Nina Kelley - BCUA
  • Mark McCart - Hackensack Resident
  • Jane Spindel - Fairlawn Garden Assoc.
  • Nancy Wysocki - Haworth Environmental Commission
  • Elsbeth Crusius - Open Space Committee
  • Fred Meyers - BCUA
  • Eleanor Gruber - Ridgewood resident
  • Steve Hopper - Park Ridge Councilman

Mission Statement

To develop a water management strategy on a watershed basis for Bergen County that will:
  • Identify water quality problems
  • Prioritize those problems
  • Research and recommend solutions
  • Communicate those findings to the public and appropriate agencies

Council Functions

  • To promote and actively participate in educating the public on the impact and prevention of nonpoint source pollution.
  • To coordinate the efforts of various environmental agencies and organizations to improve water quality and prevent nonpoint source pollution.
  • To develop programs that promote best management practices that help prevent nonpoint source pollution.
  • To research and utilize available funding sources and grants.


To establish a cooperative effort between private citizens, business and government to identify, assess and address water quality problems, and to coordinate and implement an education program that informs the public of the impacts of nonpoint source pollution on the waters of Bergen County.