Transit Management

Transit Planning and Management Office:

Bus Stop and Shelter Programs:

Municipalities may choose to regulate where buses may stop to pick up or discharge passengers.  This Office works and coordinates with New Jersey Transit, transit operators and municipal officials  to create, remove or relocate approved bus stops on County roads in Bergen County.  Requests involving bus stops stop are initiated by a municipality.  NJ Transit employees, trained by NJDOT, investigate the proposed site(s) for safety and certifies that they conformity to NJDOT requirements for bus stops.  The affected municipality then formally acts by either resolution or ordinance.  The necessary concurring County resolutions are drafted by this office for the Board of Chosen Freeholders action and County Executive approval. 

NJ Transit provides and has installed bus shelters free to municipalities and private entities who agree to accept liability for and maintain the shelters.  Bus shelters may only be installed at approved bus stops.  Bus shelters may be installed along a County road upon by a municipal resolution requesting such.  This Office drafts the necessary concurring County resolution for the Board of Chosen Freeholders action and County Executive approval.  

Transit Planning and Management:

This office works with NJ Transit’s transit planners with regards to both commuter and transit bus operations serving Bergen County.  This office serves as a “Transit Ombudsman” by taking and investigating complaints about and suggestions to improve transit services within Bergen County.  This office places special attention on the local bus lines providing services for transit trips totally within Bergen County.  This Office provides transit travel directions and information to both individuals and employers already in Bergen County and those considering relocating to Bergen County.