Heat Emergencies

Periods of high heat and humidity can have a detrimental effect on people. In cooperation with the Bergen County Department of Health Services and the municipalities of Bergen, a two-stage heat emergency plan was developed.

In the first stage, termed a heat alert, public information is distributed about the hazards of heat. During a heat alert, people are encouraged to:

  • Spend whatever time possible in air conditioning
  • Maintain an adequate food and fluid intake - light meals spread out over the day are best
  • Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine intake (Consult with your physician to see if you need additional salt)
  • Whenever possible, reduce activity levels in hot weather

The elderly are particularly susceptible to the effects of heat. Additionally, children under the age of five and especially those under one year, are also sensitive to heat's effects.

The second phase of the heat emergency plan encompasses the declaration of a heat emergency. Air conditioned buildings are made available throughout the County for persons who require them. Public outdoor activities and work may be curtailed for the prevention of illness