Election Divisions

Elections in Bergen County come under the supervision of three divisions. The following represents the responsibilities of the Superintendent of Elections Office, the office to the county Clerk and the Board of Elections:

Superintendent of Elections

  • Patricia Dicostanzo
    Superintendent of Elections
    Commissioner of Registration
  • Theresa M. O’Connor
    Deputy Superintendent of Elections
    Deputy Commissioner of Registration


  • Change of residence
  • Conduct mock elections
  • Enforce elections laws as per NJSA Tile 19
  • Inspection of polling places
  • Investigate all voting discrepancies
  • Issue voter acknowledgement cards
  • Maintain custody of poll books
  • Maintain custody of voting machines
  • Voter registration

County Clerk & Election Supervisor

  • John S. Hogan
    County Clerk
  • Lauren Zyriek
    Deputy Clerk


  • Certification of school board, primary, and general elections
  • Filing of candidates
  • Mail-in ballots
  • Printing of election ballot materials
  • Return of tally sheets and electronic cartridges
  • Tally voting machines

Board of Elections

  • Jamie H. Sheehan-Willis
  • Richard L. Miller
  • Paul A. Juliano


  • Appointing and training poll workers
  • Certification of polling places
  • Issue challenger permits and badges
  • Process / tally absentee ballots
  • Election recounts
  • Redistricting election districts
  • Compliance with the American Disabilities Act