Historical Research & Publications

Resource Center for Research

The division serves as a resource center for county historical and preservation research and education. County archives are maintained and updated; files and historical publications are kept for county municipalities; and the division's surveys are maintained, updated, and made available to the public. Some publications are for reference only while others are for sale. Please call the division's history line for a current price list.


Bergen County New Jersey: History and Heritage
A seven-volume set of monographs, the publication is a survey of our county from pre-history to 1983. Soft and hard cover sets are available. Call for purchase information.
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The Architecture of Bergen County New Jersey
Published by Rutgers University Press, and written and edited by past and current DCHA staff, the volume provides an architectural history of the county from the colonial period to the twentieth century. Available from Rutgers University Press or at any major book stores.
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Bicentennial Revolutionary War Map
This attractive map, printed in color on ivory parchment, was produced in celebration of the American Bicentennial.
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An Open Door to History
This booklet, a guide to historic sites in Bergen County, is designed to familiarize residents and visitors with our history and assist them in utilizing our historic sites and museums.
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B.C. Historic Sites Survey
Completed in 1985 and currently being updated town by town, the HSS identified Historic properties in every municipality, recording over 8,0000 historic sites. An invaluable resource for history and preservation organizations, it has been critical in enabling the adoption of historic preservation ordinances and in establishing preservation commissions. Each municipal library has a copy of the municipality's spiral bound survey volume. All volumes are available at the Division, by appointment only.
B.C. Stone House Survey
Initiated in 1978, the SHS resulted in the listing of 208 buildings on the State and National Registers in 1980. The survey is in notebook form.
B.C. Cemetery Inventory
Completed in 1992, the inventory supplements the Historic Sites Survey. The spiral bound volume is available in the reference section of local libraries or at the Division, by appointment only.