Thank you for your generosity and consideration in donating to the Center.

Needed Items & Wishlist

  • Clothing donations are welcomed for new and unused clothing only
    • We welcome brand new men's and women’s clothing and, particularly, new unused socks, tee-shirts, and underwear in all sizes
  • New coats / jackets, sweatpants, and sweatshirts that are season appropriate
  • New footwear, especially sneakers
  • Toiletries in trial or travel sizes are always welcome as is a number of other personal care products
  • We desperately need feminine hygiene products and adult protection such as Depends
  • Watches that have alarms on them
  • Blankets that are twin size for all seasons

Our needs are subject to change, so check in with us. Please contact Gineen Brady at 201-336-6491 for more information.