Right to Farm

The Act

The New Jersey Right to Farm Act, N.J.S.A. 4:1C, et. seq., provides commercial farm owners or operators with certain protection from restrictive municipal ordinances and public and private nuisance actions.

The Act provides the following benefits to eligible commercial farmers:
  • Agricultural activities including, but not limited to, production, processing and packaging of agricultural products, farm market sales, agriculture-related educational and farm-based recreational activities are protected.
  • To prevent unnecessary state regulation of commercial farms, every state department or agency which proposes a regulation must prepare an agricultural impact statement detailing the proposed regulation's impact on New Jersey's agriculture industry.
  • Commercial farms are protected from unduly restrictive municipal regulations and public and private nuisance lawsuits.
  • A conflict resolution process has been established to improve communication between farmers, municipalities and private citizens and reduce litigation time and expense incurred by the agriculture community.

Bergen CADC Assistance

Both farmers and non-farmers can contact the CADC for information concerning the Right to Farm Program at 201-336-6442.

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