Bergen Fresh

Bergen Fresh: Agriculture Today

With only 1,177 acres of land in agricultural production, Bergen County boasts a robust $8.7 million annually in agricultural products. As one of the State's most densely developed counties, Bergen County agriculture industry successfully provides residents with diverse products from vegetable and fruit produce, nursery and plant products, and a small amount of livestock operations.

Largest Agriculture Production

The largest segment of agricultural production involves the ornamental nurseries and landscaping businesses.

Agricultural Fair

Bergen County's agricultural fair is the annual 4-H Fair that promotes agriculture, education, and community spirit.

Best Practices

Bergen County farmers work closely with the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station in conducting research and keeping up on best agricultural management practices.


We owe where we are today to our history, you can learn more about our history online.

Agriculture by the Numbers

The following numbers are based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture 2007 Census of Agriculture:
  • County Population: 905,116
  • Full-Time Operators: 51
  • Part-Time Operators: 38
  • Approximate Number of Farms: 89
  • Total Area Acres in County: 157,439
  • Bergen County Agricultural Land Use Assessment: 1,177 acres or 0.7% of County Land Area

County Easement Purchases

Under the County Easement Purchase Program an interested landowner voluntarily agrees to sell to the County Agriculture Development Board the development rights to his or her property, and a permanent deed restriction is then placed on the land. A landowner's agreement to accept permanent agricultural deed restrictions in return for compensation is known as "sale of development easements."

Landowners retain ownership of preserved land, with the new deed restriction ensuring that the land will not undergo non-farm development. The county and state share easement purchase costs, which represent the difference between a property's farm (or deed restricted) value and its full market value. Land value is determined by appraisal.

Get Involved
If you are interested in preserving your farm by selling the development easement, below you will find information about the application guide, program summary and Ranking System, and the current application form.


The Bergen Fresh is managed by the Division of Open Space, Department of Planning and Economic Development and the Bergen County Agriculture Development Board.

Board Members

  • Robert Garrison, Department Director
  • Adam L. Strobel, Director, Division of Open Space
  • Robert Abbatomarco, Administrator, Bergen CABD