Field Conservation Grant Program

The Grants

Each year, the Friends of the Bergen County Zoo awards grants to help support field conservation projects throughout North and South America.

Projects Helped

Below is a list of conservation projects that the Bergen County Zoo has participated in or supported since the inception of the grant program.
  • Release of a Bergen County Zoo-hatched Andean Condor Chick in Colombia
  • Population study of Threatened Wood Turtles in New Jersey
  • Construction of breeding ponds for endangered Puerto Rican Crested Toads
  • Nutritional assessment of Anegada Island Iguanas
  • Health assessment of Wild Giant Anteaters in Brazil
  • Development of the Brazilian Ocelot consortium
  • Nutrition, toxicology, and genetics of wild Giant Anteaters in Paraguay
  • Release program for Andean Condors along the Atlantic Coast of Argentina
  • Conservation initiative for the Golden-Cheeked Warbler in Honduras
  • Field participation by Bergen County Zoo staff in Thailand Clouded Leopard Conservation Program
  • Borderlands Jaguar Detection Project on US / Mexican Border
  • Restoration of Wintering Bat habitat in Morris County, NJ
  • Creating a Condor Conservation Corridor in Argentina
  • Distribution / demographics of Diamondback Terrapins in Galveston Bay, TX