Zoo Rules & Visitor Services

Rules & Guidelines

  • Animal feeding -

    for their health and your safety, feeding of any animals in the zoo is prohibited. The animals are all on specially formulated and prepared diets.
  • Bicycles / skateboards / scooters -

    these are not permitted inside the zoo. Feel free to leave them at the zoo entrance and pick them up on your way out.
  • Pets -

    with the exception of service animals, pets are not permitted within the zoo.
  • Zoo barriers -

    these are here for the safety of both you and the animals. Do not cross any railing, fence, or other barrier as this can be very dangerous.

Services Available

  • Animal donations -

    while we will help you find an appropriate outlet, the zoo does not accept injured or orphaned wildlife or unwanted pets.
  • First aid -

    first aid can be secured at the zoo entrance (see a security officer) or at the zoo office.
  • Food/drink -

    carts offering a variety of food and drink are located at the entry plaza and in other locations throughout the park. Food service available during the summer.
  • Gift shop -

    the general store is located on the zoo's entry plaza, just inside the zoo gate. Store hours limited during off season, call 201-634-3100, ext.3117, for store hours.
  • Restrooms -

    located in the Farmyard, as well as inside the Education / Discovery Center.
  • Strollers -

    stroller rentals are available at the general store.