Types of Abuse

Abuse is any behavior used to control or intimidate another person and can be verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual in nature.

Emotional/Psychological Abuse:

Name-calling, putdowns, threats, stalking, intimidation, degradation, tracking time, isolating victim from family or friends, forbidding victim to work or participate in outside activities, sleep deprivation, interrogation, accusing, using money to control, threatening to "out" a gay or lesbian partner, harming pets, destroying property, throwing objects near victim

Physical Abuse:

Pushing, shoving, slapping, kicking, punching, biting, restraint, hair pulling, strangulation, pinching, burning, grabbing, shaking, scratching, spitting, using weapons, throwing objects at victim

Sexual Abuse:

Any non-consensual sexual act or behavior, including forced sex, unwanted touching, sexual degradation and violence targeted at the genital area.