Videos & Educational Resources

Educational Materials and Resources

The World Rabies Day Education Bank is loaded with rabies prevention resources collected from all around the world. Here you’ll find materials specifically designed for veterinarians, humane organizations, teachers, children, healthcare workers and pet owners. Below is a list of some recent resources we have released specifically for raising awareness on World Rabies Day. Visit the education bank.

Additional Resources

“Understanding Rabies” – Video Release

Dog In Street

We are pleased to offer this video series entitled, “Understanding Rabies”. We invite you to view our videos and share them as part of your outreach for World Rabies Day and beyond!
These short educational videos cover the following topics:

The World Rabies Day initiative is a global campaign to spread the word about rabies prevention. We invite you to join us by planning a World Rabies Day event, helping us raise funds for rabies prevention or by increasing rabies awareness in your community! For more information about World Rabies Day or how to get involved, contact Peter Costa.