Division of Purchasing

The County of Bergen Division of Purchasing


County’s Bidding Process Details:

  • All Bid/ RFP awards are made in compliance with the New Jersey Local Public Contracts Law (N.J.S.A.40a:11-1 et. Seq.) for all procurement activity
  • by P.L. 2004 c.19, known as the New Jersey Local Unit Pay-To-Play law (N.J.S.A. 19:44A - 20.4 et seq.)
  • The County of Bergen always strives to award to the lowest Responsive and Responsible bidder.
  • The County will not accept bids from any vendors listed on the State of New Jersey Debarred List.
  • Bid and Request for Proposal (RFP) advertisements are publicized on this website and in the Bergen Record.
  • Bid solicitation documents must be used when responding to an advertised bid or RFP
  • Bid solicitation documents are supplied by the Purchasing Division on the website www.bergenbids.com
  • It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to obtain all  Bid Packages and information, prepare their bid according to all instructions and return to the Division of Purchasing prior to the bid opening at the time and place specified in the specifications.
  • Before contracting, prospective contractors are required to show their NJ Business Registration Certificate issued by the NJ Division of Taxation,  for more information please click here: Website for Certification & Registration of Businesses & Individuals
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