Farmland Preservation Plan

Bergen County Agriculture Development Board

The County of Bergen has drafted a Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan to meet the new requirements of the New Jersey State Agriculture Development Committee. This document will guide Bergen County’s farmland preservation program over the course of the next ten years utilizing rules that streamline the preservation process. The new rules allow a more timely expenditure of public preservation funds and provide the ability to keep up with the increased development pressure in Bergen County and in the state.

The County of Bergen and its Agriculture Development Board gathered and analyzed agricultural information about Bergen County. Public information meetings about the planning process and the proposed plan were held on April 14, 2008 and November 12, 2008. The final draft Plan was submitted in December 2008 to the State Agriculture Development Committee for its preliminary review. A revised final draft Plan was submitted in both February 2014 and July 2014 to the State Agriculture Development Committee for its final preliminary reviews.  A public hearing to receive formal comment on the draft Plan was held by the County on September 9, 2014.

View or download a draft of the Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan.

Project Area Maps

The seven Bergen County farms, totaling 310 acres, that have been preserved using funds from the Bergen County Open Space Trust Fund include: Deepdale Farm, Kohout Farm, Mahrapo Farm, and Sun Valley Farm in Mahwah, Twinbrook Nurseries in Franklin Lakes, Demarest Farms in Hillsdale, and Brooks Farm (now Metropolitan Farms) in Closter.  An eighth farmland preservation is pending final approval - Demarest Farms in Saddle River.

Supplemental Maps of Northern Bergen County

  • Map 1 - Study Area Map and Special Resource Area Map
  • Map 2 - Existing Land Cover
  • Map 3 - Agricultural Soils
  • Map 4 - Open Space and Conservation
  • Map 5 - Existing Composite Zoning (2007)
  • Map 6 - Preliminary State Development and Redevelopment Plan Cross Acceptance III
  • Map 7 - Water Supply Map
  • Map 8 - Sewer Service
  • Map 9 - Acquisition Map