Mental Health Board Members

Bergen County Mental Health Board
In accordance with the NJ Division of Mental Health Services Community Mental Health Services Regulations (NJAC 10:37), Subchapter 3, regarding the Establishment and Composition of County Mental Health Boards, the Board shall consist of not less than seven nor more than twelve residents of the county. The board shall provide leadership to the county in the development of mental health services. The board shall include as wide a spectrum off the County’s population as possible. Members should be representative of the county’s population, including such groups as 1. Consumers of mental health services; 2. Local boards of health; 3. School boards; 4. Interested lay people; 5. Parent-teacher association; 6. County professional/medical associations; 7. County advocacy groups; and 8. Such members as the appointing authority [County Executive and/or Board of Chosen Freeholders] may deem necessary.

Parichehr Sharifkashani (Pari Sharif)
Lydia L. Banes-Kievit
Pascack Valley
Michael Tarantino

Rosemarie Lobretto

Jose L. Ortiz

Paul Nickels

Matthew Helfant, *Psy.D

*Office in Bd. of Ed. Bldg in Hasbrouck Heights at 379 Boulevard.