CIACC: Community Liaisons

Liaison Project
What is the CIACC Liaison Project?

An initiative designed to assist school personnel, professionals and all community stakeholders navigate both the local mental health system of care and school system. The focus of the project is to increase youths’ access to care as soon as the need arises without delay to needed services.

Who is a Liaison?

A Liaison is a school or agency staff member who is designated to help staff, youth and their families identify local resources to resolve challenges and solve problems.

How Does the Liaison Project Work?

The Project provides on-going training and up to date information on services to Liaisons across the county. The Project works by providing the Liaisons with the tools they need to:
  • Serve as the bridge between the mental health and school systems and coordinate access to programs across systems
  • Increase access to care to help youth thrive and succeed
  • Promote the emotional wellness of students in Pre-K through high school
  • Solve problems, answer questions and identify needed services in timely manner

road mapWhere Can a Liaison Be Found?

Liaisons work in schools, mental health agencies and other community based organizations. Liaisons often serve other vital roles as well, such as Social Workers, Guidance Counselors or Therapists.

When Should You Access a Liaison ?

You should seek the guidance of a Liaison anytime you have a question about a youth’s emotional well-being. The Liaison can help you determine if the youth needs services and identify the resources that can best address the situation.

Why Should You Participate in the Liaison Project?

All of us— families, schools and communities - do better when we work together! No one person can know the answers to all questions but Liaisons can provide you with the information you are seeking. They know where to find resources and how to access services for youth.

Liaisons aim to:
  • Navigate the mental health and school systems for families, staff and the community
  • Reduce staff time spent in searching for resources and making connections
  • Compliment staff competencies by staying current on system changes and updates

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How Can You Get Involved in the Liaison Project ?

To join or support the initiative contact:

Janice Hubbard Region V Phone: 201-599-0585 Fax: 201-599-0310

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